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iSayHello - travel dictionary, phrasebook and language course app with an online translator for iPhone, iPodTouch, iPad and Android smart phones.

Get out in the world!
With a mobile phrasebook.

Pick your own language course according to your native language and travel destination.
In 11 lessons you’ll acquire the basic vocabulary necessary to find your way around in whatever country you’re traveling in.
iSayHello is an all-in-one talking phrasebook and translator.

Get your

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Always finding the right words at the right time!

Select your language!

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Customer opinions

  • ...this is a marvellous tool!!! more than a dictionary, better a phrasebook. The usability is simple to understand. categorisation practically to use.... isayhello is my favorite traveldictionary in iphone apps. You can use it also for the ipod. it saves my trip to italy

    mikkka96, 31. 07. 2012

  • Ich habe schon länger eine App gesucht und bin hier endlich fündig geworden. iSayHello ist super für unterwegs und durch die leichte Handhabung kann man es wirklich immer und überall einsetzen. Die Sprachausgabe ist super und ich bin absolut zufrieden damit!

    Matthias Schulzendorf, 21. 03. 2012

  • die iSayHello Apps haben mir im Urlaub sehr bei der Verständigung geholfen. Wirklich nützliche Begleiter.

    Sabine Fr., 19. 03. 2012

  • Love this app, it's extremely well done, the sound quality is good enough to hear every little detail of the pronunciation. There's a huge amount of sentences, properly categorized so there's no trouble finding anything :) If you are serious about learning german, get this app. Great for learning and as a reference when traveling :)

    WilhelmRahn, 27. 01. 2012

  • Je trouve vraiment cette apliquation vraiment génial ,bravo

    Natacha1305 , 04. 01. 2012

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On vacation or at home, communication and language is a significant part of our daily life.  Only by language it´s possible to communicate with people around us, either when we ask where the next bus station is or when we …

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