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iSayHello travel phrasebook apps
have been developed by the Admovi Verlag.

In the development of iSayHello language courses we’ve particulary concentrated on the user-friendliness of our product and the use of clearly spoken language. For this reason we’ve only used native speakers for our recordings. Experienced and user-oriented programers have made this project possible. As we are constantly trying to improve our product, we absolutely rely on your feedback and critique.
In addition to iSayHello apps, we’re currently working on other learning software. Admovi Verlag specializes in developing learning software. This learning software is particularly good for learning German as a foreign language. Our learning software has been used by many students in preparation for the TestDAF examination and for German A2 and B1 language certificates.
We provide information about everyday business interactions in Germany with our Business etiquette in Germany learning software.

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